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Zombies: Ladies in The Rain

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Marketplace: RaribleBlockchain: Tezos



Project Description

Size & format: 3840x6272 PNG;  Artist: AFAC

"Zombies: Ladies in The Rain" is a series of images created in collaboration with Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The series were created as a result of experimentation on how to collaborate with AI by inputting engineered prompts.

All NFTs start with "Zombies: Ladies in The Rain" and were given a number in the order of minting. I choose not to individually name them with the intention of leaving the viewer to freely think about what the image could represent.

The prompts were inspired by thoughts which arouse from the efforts in empathetical thinking about the "undead" and the wondering if a zombie face and/or body might still communicate and reflect emotions through the images created with AI. In my thinking, I have always imagined the creatures "unable to die" as ones who are doomed to suffer for eternity. Yet, I think they have all the wisdom in the world, because they are timeless. Example prompts about this curiosity included phrases like "sad zombie lady, deep feelings, resentment, regret, sorrowful eyes, rigid posture".

The setting is chosen as "in the rain" for further sentimental reinforcement. No texts regarding time has been used as input prompts. Although no "real world" location has been used as a prompt, AI came up with more settings resembling Far East, and particularly Japan, because of the style and material prompt given.

Now, it is up to your eyes to decide whether the images reflect the feelings of these zombie ladies in the rain, who launched on December 15,2021;  the day Rarible x Tezos integration went live.


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