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By: andres hurtado
Drop Date: June 15, 2023
Collection Size: 100
Blockchain: Ethereum
By: Sammy
Drop Date: June 24, 2023
Collection Size: 4600
Blockchain: Ethereum
By: Haris
Drop Date: July 1, 2023
Collection Size: 6000
Blockchain: Avax Network
By: Jonitha
Drop Date: July 30, 2023
Collection Size: 3500
Blockchain: Solana

The NFT space comprising digital images, animations, music, loot, domains, collectibles and more is among the most exciting and rapidly changing areas in Cryptoland right now.

With thousands of new art pieces being published and put up for sale on large marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible, it is becoming harder and harder for the individual collector to remain up to date.

This is where our site comes in:

Not only do we offer NFT artists and owners of digital art pieces a place to present their latest NFT Drops and promote a NFT project, we also allow collectors to receive regular eMail updates about the latest and also future NFT listings (including our upcoming NFT calendar) and news about digital artwork, in general.

Also, our community allows artists and collectors to exchange the latest ideas and information. Stay tuned and help us spread the news about this young project – Thank you!