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WOW Lucky Pass

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Project Key Datapoints

Collection Size: 1,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

Enter our Lucky Tent with WOW Lucky Pass which grants you 100 game tickets for CoolUp your WOW.

Key points:
You can configure and mint your WOW HERE (hurry up, first 999 WOWs are free)
Lucky Tent will be released month after 50% of Passes will be minted (hopefully 15 of September)

Mint your WOW
* Go to mint page.
* Pick your favourite tile layout from a nearly endless array of possibilities.
* Configure your tiles, select assets, and animations.
* Give Your WOW the attention it deserves.
* Remember Your WOW will be a base for further CoolUps so choose it carefully.
* First step completed. Enjoy your WOW

Hold on and stay tuned for our Lucky Tent.
* (We are sorry to say that) but we are currently in the design stage of the game, because we want to see the public reaction and get community funding.
* If WOW Lucky Pass will get attention it deserves (we need at least half of it minted) we will proceed with game development as soon as possible and release it according to our timeline by the 15th of September

[ATTENTION] Risky game
So, Lucky Tent is open. What's now? The game rules are simple:

Win or Lose with our 50% - 50% attractions.
* If you get a win streak, your WOW will Cool Up according to the win streak count. The maximum level is 7. If you achieve it, you will become a legend of the WOOOOOOOW Hall.
* If you lose, your WOW will become more and more uncool, until the 7th uncoolness level where it will just fall into the OU Hole, and its cool life is over. But you can recover from uncoolness with a simple strategy: WIN.
* According to statistics, only 10% (actually 9.859154882414405%) manage to reach the +7 coolness level.
* 100 passes is the perfect amount to have a chance to Cool Up your NFT to the +7 level.


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