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Worldwide Books NFT

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Worldwide Books


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: October 29, 2022Collection Size: 15,500Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

About :
Worldwide Book is a publishing house that wishes to reference all of the public books in an effort to preserve the literary heritage.
Our goal is to reference more than 2 million books.
That is :
– More than 500,000 books in English;
– More than 300,000 books in French;
– More than 500,000 books in Russian;
– More than 100,000 books in Italian;
– More than 100,000 books in Spanish;
– More than 50,000 books in German;
– More than 200,000 books in Hebrew;
– More than 10,000 books in Japanese;
– More than 30,000 books in Portuguese;
– Over 400,000 books in Chinese.
We are launching our first NFT bestseller collection available in mint. This collection includes English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese bestsellers.
Idea :
The Worldwide Books NFT project was created as a result of a dream of Vincent (head of the publishing house). His dream is to reference all the books in the worldwide public domain.
The Worldwide Books NFT project ensures the preservation and accessibility of the world's literary heritage.
This project is part of an ecological approach thanks to a network of worldwide printers.
The project plans to sell physical, digital, and metaverse books.
RoadMap :
Phase 1: July 2022
- Generate 15500 NFT Books
- Establish the Worldwide Books Bestsellers NFT smart contract
- Launch website, Twitter and Discord
- Find book printing partners around the world
Phase 2: August 15th 29 October 2022
- Promotion of the NFT collection to influencers, blogs, journalists specialized in the field
- Launch of the mint
- Creation of the website to sell the books
- Reveal
Phase 3: September 2022 September 2023
- Creation of 10 NFT collections:
- 500,000 books in English ;
- 300,000 books in French;
- 500,000 books in Russian;
- 100,000 books in Italian;
- 100,000 books in Spanish;
- 50,000 books in German;
- 200,000 books in Hebrew;
- 10,000 books in Japanese;
- 30,000 books in Portuguese;
- 400,000 books in Chinese.
- Layout and sale of books on all marketplaces
- Purchase of ISBN (barcode)
Phase 4:
- Creation and sale of NFT 3D books for the metaverse;
- Creation of a bookstore in the metaverse
The Ethical Books :
We have connected a network of over 150 printers in more than 100 countries around the world to meet your global needs.
All orders are routed using a Smart Routing Algorithm to find the nearest printer that meets your specs.
By always printing as local as possible, we help you to lower transportation distances to a minimum.
Holder Utility :
40% royalties on the profits (physical and digital sales) of the book
20% discount on the book selling website
10% royalties on sales of NFT 3D books for the metaverse


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