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WonderGame Metaverse

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Drop Date: March 8, 2022Collection Size: 10,000Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Ethereum



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WonderGame Metaverse is a 3D VR world where players can own land… build kingdoms, trade NFT collectables, shop, host hangouts with friends in their penthouse, game, and more ??

Players can even open their own Metaverse Business and make an income within the meta economy! ?

Complete 3D VR metaverse built on Unity,

Backed by Polygon's official Gaming Studio,

Doxxed team via Assure DeFi,

In-Metaverse DeFi treasury to earn yield payouts!

Each mint gets these CRAZY bonuses:

- FREE Metaverse Penthouse (We will be selling for 2 ETH later - you must HODL to claim)

- 0.06 ETH price (vs. Public price of 0.2!)

- Metaverse Citizen Rights; Voting, Realestate Ownership, Treasury Yield...

- Alpha Community Access (with full bragging rights)
Co-Ownership over other metaverse assets like Sandbox, Decentraland, TCG World…

Mint your Metaverse Citizen during pre-sale, and get a FREE 3D Penthouse!! ?


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