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Drop Date: April 15, 2022Collection Size: 90Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Polygon



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Winesis is a digital collection of 1,000 NFT on ethereum blockchain and 1,000 real wine bottles.

We will launch a pre-mint of 90 PASS on April 15, 2022 on Polygon at the price of 300 matic instead of 0.5 eth on ethereum. Capture on polygon and receive in May on Ethereum. You can choose also the Number. We will also be doing 2 giveaways by the end of this month.

We imagine a new way of making business in which NFTs and physical products live together.

We have developed a new way of giving value to NFT and physical objects, not by pricing them by personal opinion (as usually happens) but through structured smart contracts locked for 5 years. Each bottle and NFT will have their own locked smart contract whose liquidity will grow every time an NFT trade takes place. You will have a dynamic NFT and a real bottle of wine which, starting from a minimum decalared price, will increase their value forever in proportion to their rarity.

Imagine having a bottle of wine and a NFT that increase their values every day knowing exactly their potential. The bottle itself is a piece of art.


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