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White Wolf Digital Treasury

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White Wolf Fitness


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: January 22, 2022Collection Size: 24Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



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Project Description

White Wolf Digital Treasury - Droplet Collection is the first NFT-Collection of the "White Wolf Digital Treasury Project" which includes all hidden mysteries to decode the first code word of the White Wolf Digital Treasury. One important solution hint for the hidden puzzles is added to each NFT as "unlockable content"!

The biggest digital treasure hunt of modern times begins

  • Solve all the hidden mysteries in the NFT image-series of the White Wolf Digital Treasury

  • and get access to the treasury of white wolves

  • Being fast is worth it

  • Because only the first one who solves all the mysteries gets access to the treasury whose value continues to increase!

  • What final value will the Digital Treasury of the White Wolves reach?

  • Find out and be part of the biggest treasure hunt!

Hidden puzzles in the NFT image-series of the "White Wolf Digital Treasury Series"

  • all NFT image-series contain several mysterious puzzles

  • can you solve the puzzles?

  • and decrypt the secret codes?

  • they will tell you the access code for the White Wolf Digital Treasury!

The NFT image series of the "White Wolf Digital Treasury" will be published exclusively on

Solution Notes

  • important solution hints for the hidden puzzles are added to the NFTs as "unlockable content"

  • with these clues you will learn all the necessary backgrounds about the hidden puzzles in order to be able to solve them before everyone else

The Treasury of White Wolves

  • be the first to solve all the puzzles

  • get exclusive access to the digital treasury of White Wolves and their entire value

  • the value of the treasury continues to increase with each revenue of the NFT image-series - what value will the treasury finally reach? find out!

  • weekly an update on the value of the treasury is published as well as a reference to the hidden codes on:

  • instagram: whitewolf_fitness

  • tiktok: @whitewolffitness


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