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Viva Cutie

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Alias Artemisia


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Drop Date: February 25, 2022Collection Size: 7,777Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Decidedly Vintage | Perpetually Happy | Absolutely Cute

Welcome to the Viva Cutie Collection! There is no malice here – only colour and cuteness ?
The Collection is ongoing and was inspired by a shop display I encountered in Singapore, which transported me back to my childhood. The shop display was filled with vintage Kewpie dolls, and I was reminded that I had a perfect vintage specimen of my own at home. Using photographs of my Kewpie, along with a quirky use of placement and colour, I aim to evoke the memory and innocent joy of a bygone era - and to spread some cuteness along the way…

There is a total supply of 7777 unique Viva Cutie images, with new drops weekly.
Twin Cuties are rare and Identical Twin Cuties even more so.
Each image measures 2000x1500pixels and is saved on IPFS along with the metadata, where it will stay forever.

5% of Primary Sales will go to the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital. Visit their website, to learn more about the wonderful work they do.

Find your favourite Viva Cutie today and let it brighten up your day!


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