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Uncharted Reality

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Drop Date: April 24, 2023Collection Size: 888Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



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Project Description

Uncharted Reality is a Metaverse collection that will include a Metaverse of Islands.
This project includes a unique Own to Earn mechanism that will give back to all Island Deed Owners.

Total supply: 888
Price : 0.10 WL / 0.15 Public
Mint : 24 April - Whitelisted will start 24 Hours before.

We have made progress creating the Game client and we got a two year Infrastructure funding from Google.
This project has a couple Partner islands like Goblintown Island or Art Island.

The actual Metaverse game is focused on Personal Development / Mindfulness and Wellness, Virtual Yoga.
One example is that you will have your own Personal Virtual Yoga assistant you can summon ingame and unlock Yoga sessions.
This can be done both in VR and Gameclient.

There will be Minfulness spots that is designed by our Certified Minfulness experts.
You will be able to Race with Jetski, Ride along the shores, Go on a mountainbike tour or Glider along the shores on a SUP.
The SUP board will be a unique VR Experience aswell where you can train yourself in a exotic experience.

We will also have treasure hunts, centralized events and custom partner events.


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