Art - Collectible - Metaverse - May 5, 2022

T’SOI Girl Kathak #4

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Mugda Pawar


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Drop Date: May 5, 2022Collection Size: 53Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

Katha means ‘tale’ and kathak means ‘storyteller’ in Sanskrit. This dance form is a combination of two words: Nritya meaning dance and Abhinay meaning act. The Ghungru, a sacred ornament worn over the ankles are essential part of this dance form. The rich culture, graceful gestures, refined foot movements, remarkable elegance of this dance has made Kathak an attractive art form. The magnificent Kathak is one of the most powerful and graceful dance forms of India. It has been a major part of the Indian culture for thousands of years.


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