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Tiro Monster Cards

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TiRo Nft


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Drop Date: December 23, 2022Collection Size: 222Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Our first exclusive NFT Trading Cards series is called «Monster Cards». It includes 222 Monsters in different styles, each one is very unique. The special thing about them is their funny impact, their cuteness factor and the diversity of styles and their noble frames. We offer you 111 common monsters, 100 rare monsters with categories like zombies, robots, heros, demons, knights or wizard monsters, 10 epic king monster Cards and only 1 crazy legendary Monster card called «Cthullhu». Collect them all!
There are only 222 of our very crazy and funny «Monster Cards» available, so that will make them very rare, unique and instantly increase in value.
About us:
We are 2 international artists from Zurich (Switzerland). Our roots are based in psychedelic art, urban art and mixed media art.
Together we are even stronger and push our creativity to a new level.
Our artist names are «Romanesco One (Insta: @romanescoart) and «Trippin Ink (Insta: @trippinink)» and we are already professional painting & mural artists.
Since many years we also work intensively with different computer programms to create digital art. Now we are totally into NFT Art, NFT Collectibles and crypto currencies. We start a big international NFT project right now which will grow very fast and will surprise many people. It’s a new experience for us and we wanna share this journey with you guys.


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