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TipTop Sneakers

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Drop Date: January 12, 2023Collection Size: 12,503Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Binance Smart Chain



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TipTop is a decentralized Move-to-Earn (M2E) FitnessFi lifestyle app that allows you to earn an income by being active. Whether itโ€™s walking, jogging, or full-on running โ€“ TipTop brings you on an active earning journey.
Built on the BNB blockchain, TipTop gamifies fitness to encourage a more active lifestyle and promote financial independence.

Decentralized Move-To-Earn app - Amp up your fitness levels and income with every step.

Unique digital collectables - Get different types of shoes and sneakers to maximize your earnings.

Different shoe and rarity types - Choose a shoe type that fits your pace best โ€“ the higher the rarity level, the better your earn rate.

A straightforward shoe level-up system - Continue moving forward. and your shoe will level up automatically, increasing your base stats.

Shoe minting - Mint shoes with the same rarity type into a higher rarity type shoe.

Premium shoe to get started - Try out the game hassle-free without buying special shoes.

Marketplace - Get various game-boosting items as well as one-of-a-kind 3D shoes.

Two-token system - TIP is the main in-game utility token that can be used to buy shoes, socks, water, and loot boxes.
TOP token is the TipTop ecosystem governance token that allows users to participate in important decision-making processes and voice suggestions for the betterment of the app.

Advanced movement tracker - Our tracking software can accurately pinpoint your location in real time.

Self-Sustaining Ecosystem - TipTop encourages the reduction of our collective carbon footprint one step at a time.

Fairness of Play - Every player has an equal opportunity to level up and max out their stats to maximize rewards, regardless of how much you contribute to the project.


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