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Drop Date: August 5, 2022Collection Size: 10,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



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Welcome to ThugCity!🏥 A Play-To-Earn staking game on the Ethereum blockchain where Cops and Thugs compete to earn $BILLS.

A desolate city in no man's land
In the dead of the night, a war is at hand ⚔️

Cops are ready and guarding their posts👮‍♂️

Thugs are lurking in the shadows ghosts👻

In the name of $BILLS, which side will you be on? 🔥

A once lonely and monotonous city sees a new darkness advancing upon it.

A wave of Thugs are planning to take control over the city and everyone within it... but not if the cops have a say.

The Thugs began construction on a bridge, connecting their safehaven to the mainland. At first, the Cops welcomed the Thugs and allowed them to reside and populate the city.
In return for this gesture, the Thugs posed as respectful and law-abiding citizens, at least while they plotted their attack.

Soon after, the Cops realized the Thugs intentions and began to add reinforcements to the city. The Thugs took this personally and began to accelerate their plans.
War has commenced. Which side will rule ThugCity?


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