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The Wild Guardians

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The Wild Guardians - Minting 0.04ETH


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: October 22, 2022Collection Size: 5,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

On October 22, 2022, at 12PM EST we released our first collection of 6 Apex Predators. Our NFT project consists of 30 animals split between Good and Evil broken down into Collections. Collection #1 will have 4,500 Regular NFTs including 350 Rare's (which are 3 completely different characters) and 150 Super Rare's (10 Legendries) which is another different character for a total of 5,000.

Each NFT minted will be auto generated from this collection and reveal on October 23, 2022. Several Mint parties with bounties, incentives, traits, prizes and much more have been setup with Twitter Spaces. Come on and join in the fun from our very first mint. Don't miss out on all these giveaways in spaces along with mint bounties and incentives.

Since the Dawn of time Animals have roamed the Wild all over the World, but in one specific area of the Wild there seemed to be a lot of tension and conflict brewing. In the Meta Jungle there is a balance of good and evil battling for control. So, keep your eyes
peeled, enjoy your adventure, and remember to be careful because you never know what you may encounter here in the Meta Jungle.

The Wild Guardians project consists of 15 Wild Guardians and 15 Hexed Henchman living on the Ethereum blockchain. Since the beginning, these two forces have been engaged in an Epic battle for control of the Sacred Token.

The Wild Guardians have been tasked with protecting the Sacred Token and keeping the entire Meta Jungle safe from the Hexed Henchman; their only purpose being to torment and destroy for all of eternity. Will the Hexed Henchman's curse ever be lifted? Only
time will tell who will win this infinite battle of light vs darkness to take over the NFT Meta Jungle for all time.


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