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The Oocca Club – FREE Christmas NFT Gift Box Giveaway!

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Ancient Oocca


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Drop Date: December 17, 2022Collection Size: 4,444Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

The Oocca Club – FREE Christmas NFT Gift Box Giveaway!
Christmas is coming soon, and we want to celebrate this with the biggest giveaway to date, more than 4000 free to mint NFTS available to all of you!

Everybody has a feeling of giving around Christmas. We wish it could be Christmas every day. Or at least every month. With our free mint NFT giveaway, we want to share our feeling with you.
From December 14th, 2022 until December 24th, 2022, you can join the free mint and claim 2 NFTs as long they’re available! You can claim yours as soon as your wallet is whitelisted, so register your wallet now and mint your boxes today for free!

The NFTs from the Oocca club artifacts collection will play a very important role once the main collection is launched!
The Free NFT gift allows you to experiment with ‘’Extra’’ DNA once the cloning is activated, one of the utilities from the main Oocca club NFT collection.

With the Oocca club artifact NFTs, collectors will enjoy a unique experience that bridges the past and present in an entirely new way.

The free mint comes in a Gift Box NFT that will be automatically “opened” on the second day of Christmas, Dec 26th, to reveal one of the 4 editions within the collection, the version you get is random. In total there will 4,444 free gift box NFTs from the Oocca club artifacts collection, and once opened it consists of 4 different artifacts with each a max supply of 1,111. Every wallet that meets the requirements can claim a total of 2 free gift boxes.

Complete the ‘’Free Christmas NFT Gift Boxes’’ Quests on the Oocca Club crew3 page, and submit your wallet to the free claim list, the wallets that completed the quests will be added multiple times every day.

All Christmas Gift NFTS will be free to mint, but you’ll have to pay the gas fees. Minting is done on the Ethereum blockchain.
Sounds good? Complete the quests and head over to our minting site and mint your FREE Christmas giveaway NFTs from Santa Oocca!.

Start with the first quest here:

Claim your free NFT gift boxes before Christmas evening, Dec 24th. Find the complete guide here:


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