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The High Society

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: January 27, 2022Collection Size: 6,500Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

What is The High Society?

The High Society is a collection of 6,500 unique NFT's on the Ethereum blockchain that will form The High Society. Each NFT will generate a certain amount of $THS token from staking, which will be used for council voting, council reward claims, Companion NFT drops, competitions and much more.

What are the initial benefits of holding The High Society NFTs?

  • All holders will be able to mint a companion for their NFT from our future collection drops.

  • Access to voting in the The High Society council (DAO). The goal of the council is to give the community a voice and to use the community wallet funds to invest heavily into different metaverses (like SANDBOX, Decentraland, VeVeverse).

  • Access to rewards from actions conducted by the The High Society council including fractional rewards of NFT vault sales and other Metaverse goals.

  • $THS token can be used to claim free Companion NFT collection drops, purchase access to varying Alpha channel membership levels, purchase items from the Society Bar and participate in competitions and events.

  • Access to our future Society in the metaverse.

  • Access to a mining pool.

  • You can join rounds of our community game, weekly winners of amazing prizes.


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