Art - March 23, 2022

The Cosplaying Shiba

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Drop Date: March 30, 2022Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

"Shibas are known for traveling to the moon. But they have a secret skill: cosplay. They can literally do anything and anybody. It's very covert, which is why we don't know a whole lot more.

This collection of fun and well-known NFT character showcases our favorite doggo cosplaying our favorite characters. Drawn by hand by a talented Covatar artist, FILKIT, each illustration is dedicated to Shiba in different skins with many fun details.

FILKIT plans to draw only 300 Cosplaying Shibas, and you can claim one for yourself. While more Cosplaying Shibas will be released weekly, most of them will be only available to the members of our community as exclusive drops.

You can participate and influence future items of this and other collections by joining our community on Discord. We also run cool giveaways, drop unique member-only NFTs, and reward our most active members with merch and NFTs by our artists."


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