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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: September 15, 2022Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

A commemoration NFT to celebrate the Ethereum's long-awaited MERGE.
The hatching of the portrait is 100% handcrafted and every single details of the bill are carefully designed and placed.
The total time of creation took more than 6 months.
The NFT will ever be minted 1-of-1 for auction on Opensea. (Starting price: 1 ETH)
Includes Unlockable: The original PSD file so that you can edit the wallet address to your choice. (for personal use only)

This NFT is made for a commemoration so that the image must include the date of the Merge.
Although the date is predicted to be around Sept 15th~19th, Nobody knows the exact time of the event.
This is why the best way to minting this particular NFT is a lazy-minting.

Here's what will happen to this NFT.
If the Merge didn't happen on 15th, the image will be update to 16th on the next day.
If the Merge didn't happen on 16th, the image will be update to 17th on the next day.
So on and forth until the event of the Merge.
This way, the auction will begin on the day of the Merge with the correct date inscribed.


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