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Streekers - Street Whiskers. Streekers are street cats in need of food, shelter, and a caring person to care for them. This is going to be a bundle of streekers via my lens. This streeker collection has 10 items

The cat is an excellent pet. It can be found practically everywhere on the planet. It is the tiniest of the "cat-family" members. Many people refer to a cat as 'pussy.' It resembles a tiger cub. Four slender legs, two ears, two brilliant eyes, a short tail, and a circular head characterise this creature. Its entire body is coated with furs. It has razor-sharp teeth and nails. Typically, cats are white, black, or brown in colour. Some of them are a blend of the two. They appear to be rather lovely. It makes a mew-mew-mew-mew-mew-mew-mew-mew-mew-mew-me Cats have soft pads under their feet, allowing them to travel silently. It enjoys eating fish flesh and drinking milk. It can readily climb a tree. In the dark, it can see clearly. It like to sleep in warm environments. It is a rat's worst adversary. Rats and mice are killed by it. People keep cats to keep rodents away from their crops. It entertains and instructs its kittens on how to catch rats. Pet cats are popular among small children, who like petting them. Rich individuals maintain excellent cats as pets in their homes. It's a funny and useful creature. We should all be cat lovers.


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