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Stella Faciem NFT

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Nicolas Chandra


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: March 22, 2022Collection Size: 9,999Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Stella Faciem is a unique hand drawn digital art consist of single stroke layers combined with colors of nature you might experience a moment of silence, amusement, deep therapeutic trance or extreme fortune.

Our Story:

The year is 2202. On a universe where the time run backwards, a planet called Stellarium.
Like Indians, The Stellarian tribe are known for their strong culture and art. But the planet is almost at its end, the extinction of Stellarian is near. And they can’t go anywhere.

The Stella Master need to find a way to maintain their arts legacy to another universe. One day, Stella Somnium, the alchemist finds a way to transfer their arts. With help from Stella Magus the wizard, they managed to do the magic.

Stella Spiritus the spirit caller and Stella Sententia the counselor, both they need to find a new destination for these pendants to be sent.

Time has passed, Stella Sententia and Stella Spiritus find a place called Metaverse. Decision has been made. Stella Masters will send these arts to Metaverse. Where each arts represent the spirit and soul from the tribe members.

The Stella Master stays on Stellar. Making sure these arts sent away to multiverse. Soon, the holders of the arts will be called The Stellars.


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