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Squadron-V Project

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Профит Кастер


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Drop Date: September 5, 2022Collection Size: 5,555Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Solana



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We stand for peace and friendship between all nations, and our goal is to unite all aviation enthusiasts.
The project brings together the strongest Air Forces of the five countries - the United States, Russia, China, Japan and India.
Knowing how aircraft construction is going in the world, we are concerned about such an area as flight safety. Therefore part of the proceeds will go to support this important element in aviation.
In this project, we want to expose not only the problem of flight safety, but also the problem of buying airline tickets around the world using blockchain technology.
We are creating unique collections of NFT Aircraft from five countries around the world. These are the USA, Russia, China, Japan and India.
Each aircraft (helicopter) is a unique NFT that will be used in our GameFi and have special characteristics. Also, you will be able to use it in staking, earning on it.
Our team is actively fighting for a project to create our own flight ticketing app. Our app will be implemented in several metaversions with airlines, airports and terminals. Through this implementation, airline tickets will be available via blockchain. And our payment and security control system will make it easier for you to travel around the world.
You can find a detailed description of the project on our website.


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