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Drop Date: May 15, 2022Collection Size: 3Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

SIXVERSE: Connecting worlds.

SIX is the first creative company to offer hospitality & marketing services to to Web3 companies, artists and projects; while providing utility to community members. Services include:

1. EVENTS MANAGEMENT: real life Web3 events, NFT launches & exhibitions
2. MARKETING: content creation, digital media strategy & PR
3. UTILITY: NFT holders exclusive events & special rates to brand partnerships

Empowering diversity and equality, SIX bridges major society gaps. A % of all revenue is going to support talent emerging from minor communities and female empowerment movements.

ISSUE #1: LIVING is a collection of 3 unique SIXVERSE NFTs - digital photographic collectables on the Polygon blockchain.

Your NFT grants access to members-only SIX events, giveaways and content.

Exclusive access to limited edition NFT drops.

Exclusive discounts to partnered brands.

Ability to propose and vote causes that SIX will support & fund.

More details & activation roadmap on our website soon.

What is Unique about SIX?
From day one, SIX focused on creating a positive environment for the community to feel welcomed and supported. A judgement free zone, where the team is working hard to embed equality & diversity in the company’s ethos. SIX will always reinvest some revenue back in the community to ensure its continuous growth & provide more value, including:

- NFT owners can vote real life causes for SIX to support
- Provide to the ones most at need & support female empowerment
- Community members will be offered exclusive access to real life Web3 & NFT launch events
- Bespoke strategic marketing & hospitality services at special rates for NFT owners
- Exclusive offers from brand partnerships for community members


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