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Seventh Crypto World

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seventh crypto world


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: November 15, 2022Collection Size: 777Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

The Seventh Crypto world is a flat-shaped imaginary world with 7 moons and spins from west to east. It was created for that 1% of people, who become tired of buying costly things in the real world. So, the seventh crypto world created 777 land’s (kingdom’s) NFTs for them.It’s not easy to buy these NFTs due to low supply and high cost.

Seventh Crypto world is the costliest polygon NFT in the market. These NFTs will be released as one per day from 15th Nov 2022 to 31st Dec 2024 ( for 777 days).

It is an expensive polygon NFT collection created for that 1% of people. You will soon understand it is not an NFT, it is the status.


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