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Road Hounds

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Drop Date: June 8, 2023Collection Size: 5,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



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The Road Hounds Collection is not your average membership pass. It's a ticket to a Metaverse rock club where we collide with rock fans, showing off our teeth and shredding our collars. Our collection of 5000 NFTs includes 5 Golden Hounds, 1040 Premium Hounds and 3955 hounds, making you part of the most badass community. But that's not all. Our rewards include VIP gig tickets, flights, and early access to the next guitar-riffing talent. Your membership proves you're a disruptor who supports emerging rockstars in the decentralized era of Web3. Let's stick it to commercial contracts, raise our middle fingers, and show the world what real rock fans can do when we unite and travel in packs.


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