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Remember When Las Vegas

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Danny Delespinasse


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Remember When Las Vegas celebrates the work of photographer Hank de Lespinasse (1943-2017).

Living and working in Las Vegas for over 50 years Hank captured many iconic Las Vegas images. Many of his works include vintage Las Vegas landmarks that don't exist today due to the ever changing landscape of Las Vegas. This collection celebrates his passion for the city he loved. Each numbered 1/1.

Hank deLespinasse moved to Las Vegas in 1965. His career in photography encompassed, journalism, sports, marketing and advertising, and fine arts. Through his lens and his keen eye for composition, Hank chronicled what many consider to be the golden age of Las Vegas from the mid-1960s until his passing in 2017. He was eyewitness to Las Vegas’ exponential growth from a up and coming town of 200,000 to a glittering, sparkling, entertainment destination home to more than 2 million.


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