Art - January 8, 2022

The Death Feather Part 1

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David Moore


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Drop Date: January 8, 2022Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



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The Death Feather part 1 The Death Feather has been hand drawn down to the last detail.

This collection will contain 50 Death Feather NFT's.

The original which is unchanged from the day it was drawn, and 49 of his brothers which with the help of Artificial Intelligence have their own unique colour of feather and tooth, no two are a the same!

The first person that purchases the Original Death Feather NFT will also receive an original large hand painted Death Feather canvas. This can be seen on our website


2016...Day One... From the Ground Up... I Just Didn't want to Exist... Too My Inner Core I Just didn't want to be Here...

...Night Three... I Took Out My Pad... and Started to Draw... This is Where My Mind and Heart were at... Brief and Transient Glimpses of Happiness or what I Thought Happiness... Bright Colours Mixed Emotions... No Feeling... Just Constant Dread and Fear... that was Me... the Lowest Darkest Loneliest Place I Have Ever Exist... The DEATH FEATHER is a Symbol of Hope... Coming Back from the Absolute Brink and Finding Peace Again.


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