Defi - Game - November 2, 2023

Play-To-Earn Gamified DeFi

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Scar Speed


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: September 29, 2023Collection Size: 9,998Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

🎮 Hey Future Web3 Business Mogul! 🎮

Dreamt of owning a stake in the next big thing? Here’s your rare chance to invest in a booming Web3 gaming business!

- 🌐 Web3 Gaming Goldmine: We’re setting aside a generous 12.5% of all our game’s earnings for savvy investors like you.

- 💰 Investment Opportunity: At $2,997 a pass, you're not just buying access; you’re buying direct percentage of any volume on the platform. More profit every 3 seconds, and a fatter slice of the pie! Each pass represents 0.0125% of our game's total earnings.

📈 Our Initial Track Record:

- A mere 30 days since inception:

- An organic storm of 2.600.000 matic on Polygon Mumbai Testnet.

- 1580 early-bird players hooked.

- Each investor reaped a nifty 1645 matic on average. And we're just getting started.

- 12k Followers on Twitter with Gold Check

🚀 Why Web3 Gaming?:

- The global gaming market is on fire🔥, with a valuation exceeding $150 billion in recent years.

- Web3 games are emerging as the future, leveraging blockchain tech to offer players ownership, real-world value, and unprecedented gameplay innovations.

- Early Web3 gaming ventures have showcased over 500% growth in short periods.

-Imagine this mix with a powerful and innovative defi.

🔥 But Here’s Our Ace: We’ve achieved our initial figures with ZERO marketing. It's purely organic growth. Once our marketing engines fire up, we anticipate our numbers going stratospheric!

💡 A Business Investment with Repeat Returns: This isn’t a one-off. As our game captures more players, expect your investment to yield consistently and grow year after year. It's the royalty treatment, but for business magnates.

🎉 We’re not just offering a game; we’re presenting a stake in a promising business set to skyrocket in the Web3 era.

⌛️ This train’s about to leave the station. Secure your business pass now!


Gentle nudge: As with any investment, there's always an element of risk. Ensure you're well-informed and ready. Here’s to visionary decisions and stellar profits! 😉


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