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Drop Date: March 25, 2022Collection Size: 500Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Ethereum



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Project Description

PlataOCrypto is a brand new concept, mixing NFTs , Crypto Casino, Role-Play and social gambling.
Our project aims to modernize the way that players and investors see the crypto gambling scene.
For that, we decided to propose to our community multiple ways to play, invest and diversify their income.

Crash Game:

Our original games are based on a well-known website : Bustabit
We wanted to modernize this famous game by adding new features, a clean look and better graphics.

Bankroll & Investment:

POC Crash game use a classic Players vs House system.
We decided to open our bankroll to investors, and give them the opportunity of becoming co-owners of our project and earn daily dividends.

Players on the other hand can play our game while benefiting from one of the lowest house edge on the market.
“Others crash game already give this opportunity to investors”
True, but there is an important difference…

NFT Shares:

We love NFTs, but how to implement them in our project ?
Investments through our bankroll are made by purchasing NFTs.
For each NFT that you acquire, you will earn a % of ownership in our casino and earn dividends based on the daily wagered volume.
Owning one of our NFT proves your ownership into our ecosystem.
You can earn daily dividends, but you can also sell your shares on Marketplaces.
We have a Hard-cap, so the supply is limited, and when all our NFT are sold, no one can buy shares without buying from an existing investor !

Social & Community:

We are very active on our Discord, and we plan on organizing weekly events for our community !
Join us and spread the word : The Casino in Yours !


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