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Plastic Cuteness

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TiRo Nft


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: December 16, 2022Collection Size: 111Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

We are 2 international artists that just started with a small exclusive NFT collectible series called «Plastic Cuteness» It includes 111 exclusive bunnies in different styles. The special thing about them is their 3D plastic impact and their fun factor and the diversity of styles. We have 70 common bunnies with 10 bunnies from each category like zombies, robots, police bunnies, lego bunnies, knights and astronauts, 20 rare bunnies in neon and hero style 10 epic kings and only 1 legendary bunny.
After the first very exclusive series with 111 Bunnies, we will always double our output and always change the «plastic cuteness» characters. In 2023 we will release a big surprise which will connect all of our nft collectibles to one big project.
There are only 111 of our very cool and funny «Plastic Cuteness Bunnies» available, so that will make them very rare, unique and instantly increase in value.


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