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Behzod Madaminov


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: February 3, 2023Collection Size: 10,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

What is it about "PigsTown.Wtf"?
*This Projects digital pigs are not your typical cute and clean barnyard animals. They're unique, one-of-a-kind, it’s like - where being dirty and muddy is not just a way of life it's an art form! and digital ownership is a thing of beauty.
On What Blockchain?
*All Pigs will be minted on Ethereum's blockchain once farmers have finished their hard work and made sure that all pigs are ready for minting.
How Many Per Wallet?
Dont be greedy it's 2 Pigs per wallet
How Much The Mint?
Pigs are Free* however you need a WL to get a Free Mint*
How To Get WL?
*Go check Twitter for Updates! Be active on a Twitter like a pig 🐽 and Follow us . Then drop ur eth address on one of the posts comments to get a WL spot for a free mint. *Oink!
When is the Mint Date?
*February 3rd 2023 at 11:00AM EST🐷*


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