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Paper Doll


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Drop Date: August 21, 2023Collection Size: 333Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Introducing PapardollsNFTs: a mesmerizing blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, giving birth to extraordinary, timeless works of art.
Hold on tight as we embark on this NFT journey like no other! With PapardollsNFTs, you won't find any fake roadmaps or empty promises. We're all about authenticity and delivering on our word.
We're breaking away from the norm by skipping the follow-up collections, because we believe in creating truly unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that stand the test of time.
And guess what? We're ditching the mundane Discord chats. Instead, we're building a vibrant and passionate community that thrives on creativity and innovation.
Oh, and let's not forget about those boring whitelists. We're opening our doors to everyone who's ready to embrace the PapardollsNFTs experience!
Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping OpenSea drop! We're releasing a limited supply of 333 PapardollsNFTs, each priced at just 0.002 ETH. But that's not all—our incredible creators earn 5% of each sale, rewarding their talent and dedication.
Mark your calendars for the grand public minting on August 21, 2023. It's a date you won't want to miss, as it's the moment where PapardollsNFTs will become a part of history.
So, are you ready to dive into a world of awe-inspiring art, where tradition meets AI and imagination knows no bounds? Join us on this thrilling journey, and let's make memories together with PapardollsNFTs!


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