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Nu Fans Collection

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Shayne Tan


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: January 31, 2023Collection Size: 5,000Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

NuFoundry is a web3 platform focused on building an ecosystem and marketplace for NFTs. We believe in the power of NFTs to revolutionize the way creators, brands, and fans interact and engage with one another, and we are committed to using this technology to do good in the world.

In addition to our focus on NFTs, we are also dedicated to using our platform to make a positive impact on the world. 10% of Nu Fans Collection sales in addition to 1% of all royalties generated through our Marketplace is contributed to Nu DAO, Nu DAO will first serve the fans and community backing our vision by ensuring the delivery and transparency of funds to the respective non-profit organisation partners/ causes. In the near future, our plan for Nu DAO is to expand beyond fans and count creators and brands as key participants of the DAO.

⋖ Nu Fans Collection and Main Utilities ⋗
Nu Fans Collection by NuFoundry is a unique PFP NFT Collection unlike anything else on the Ethereum blockchain.

- Enjoy trading service fees rebate on NuFoundry Marketplace
- Obtain exclusive holder access and voting rights to Nu DAO
- Win exclusive pre-launch whitelist
- Receive invite to community meetup
- Get exclusive discounts with brand partners
and more...


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