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Moondust Cyber Defenders

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Dmytro Pogribnyy


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Drop Date: November 11, 2022Collection Size: 9,977Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Moondust Cyber Defenders NFT epic set is now on Pre-sale!
Get your NFT Drops at a bargain price.

The conceptual message is that only unity and mutual respect of all living beings on the planet will allow us to maintain this delicate balance and save this incredible but fragile world.

The story goes back to the legendary time when the first squads of courageous Moondust Cyber Defenders stood up to protect the frontiers of the Solar System from the insidious and vengeful Amorpho invaders.
The enemies entered our galaxy through the wormholes of Andromeda from the Anti-Universe Epsilon IX.
The Moondust defenders were born from the revolutionary biotech breakthrough of the Second Earth League, inspired by the genius of Professor Maison Browning and his unrivaled team.

The essence of their strength is in unity based on bio-neural clusters. The unique interface distributes each member's special abilities.

1st Gen of Moondust Cyber Defenders includes 201 items.
All generations will go up to 9977 MCD items.


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