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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: July 13, 2022Collection Size: 4,444Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

**Misphits are a collection of 4.444** generative Ethereum NFTs. They are brigadist from the multiverse that come to help to make Earth a **Solarpunk place**.


Each Misphit is a different and unique being that reflects an attitude in its appearance and goal, they carry a history and a commitment to change. But some have a distinctive rarity that makes them extra special. Keep your eyes peeled.


- They’ve been raising their voices for some time, and now they are taking a step forward. Sensitive and conscious humans - living on the edge - and fighting for change, to avoid self-extinction.
- 100% anthropomorphic and recognisable, including rad bionic traits . They encompass all the variety and beauty of possible human identities.


- They didn’t stop (their unsustainable lifestyles) in time and wore their planet out, which responded firmly, by taking their lives to the limit.
- They have undergone extreme mutations and impossible adaptations, turning them into beings crossed by defeat but resilient and anti-fragile.


- They disregarded the climate emergency and perpetuated unhealthy measures and lifestyles - eventually affecting all forms of life. However, they recalibrated their lifestyles in time and rehabilitated their future and their bio-regions.
- Melting ice and flooding forced their adaptation to aquatic life. Their bodies are hybrids capable of tolerating both, the marine and terrestrial ecosystems.


- They’ve stopped modifying their environment to modify themselves and live in balance with their ecosystems.
- Human morphology but with synthetic bodies and artificial organs. Their soul and mind are downloaded to the cloud. They perceive reality in a magnified way.

### **FIGHT**

Misphits mission is to reverse our planets decline - to heal it by planting the seed of a new model that renders the previous one obsolete. Each of them will fight for a socio-environmental cause (choosen when minted). 10% of the income will be used to finance the specific cause-related projects.

- EKUO: Social and economic justice, identity politics and human rights.
- BUKLE. Climate emergency, energy crisis, biodiversity, pollution and resource management.
- KRONO. Health, rest and lifestyles.


- Launch. Early July 2022
- Carbon offsetting. It is a climate positive collection (carbon negative).
- Incomes allocation
- 10% CAUSES Derived to a multising wallet from where socio-environmental projects.
- 20% W3ST DAO The common DAO treasury is used to build regenerative projects.
- 55% FASTLOVE STUDIOS As custodians and kickstarters of the project.

**From the secondary sale will be: 10% CAUSES + 20% W3ST + 50% FASTLOVE STUDIOS + 20% ARTIST*


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