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Midnight Talks

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Izabela Szczygieł


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Drop Date: May 30, 2023Collection Size: 8,888Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

''Midnight Talks'' by Web3 Berlin is an original, generative art collection that apart from aiming to be aesthetically pleasing, also provides exclusive services at the Web3 Berlin conference and our future events.

''Midnight Talks'' is a tribute to one of the most powerful tools not only in Web3, but in life in general - networking. How many wonderful projects, collaborations and ground-breaking solutions started with a simple cup of coffee? How many more will emerge from meetings at restaurants, events or simple chats on the streets? Human creativity is endless and when encountered with a like-minded conversation partner, anything can happen.

Art created and designed by johnnyclock.eth


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