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Drop Date: August 23, 2022Collection Size: 12,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



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MetaPassport (MP) is a Web3.0 game social pass that aims to become the on-chain credential curator of a player's Web3.0 gaming journey.
Customized NFT Avatar
Players can collect outfits, accessories, and different items as well as DIY a unique NFT avatar through the combination of the different components. The avatar of MetaPassport will be your profile across all Web3.0 games.
Credentials to Buidl
MetaPassport will successively record user's behavior in the Web3.0 gaming world and reward certificates for the contribution of credentials which act as a resume in the Web3.0 gaming world.
Exclusive Rewards
Holders will receive exclusive rewards when participating in scenarios launched by MetaPassport or collaborating with MetaPassport.


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