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Maniak Aliens Philanthropy Club

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Maniak ALiens


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: March 20, 2022Collection Size: 2,420Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

??????'? is an already established streetwear brand. Our first t-shirt sale occurred approximately 3 years ago. We started building a solid community around the brand around then. After a successful couple of months selling clothing we ventured into our smoke and party line and haven't stopped expanding ever since.

From one tee shirt design, we were now offering over 100 different products! We are ??? in ???+ smoke and novelty stores across the US!

??? we are entering the NFT space... And we're here to stay!

Space Missions: Members will be able to vote on philanthropy space missions destinations. Space missions are philanthropy projects that we as a community will support in order to help better our neighboring communities around the world!

Merchandise: We already specialize in premium quality merch with hippie hut and Maniak Clothing. Adding our MAPC Line for NFT Holders is a no brainer. This includes a 1-of-1 custom piece that you help to create with our designer.

35k Giveaway: One lucky MAPC holder who holds all 5 special cards will receive 25 grand in crypto as well as get to donate 10k to a charity of their choice! MAPC Store Utility: We will work in partnership with Clothing Maniak and Hippie Hut Smoke shop to create an amazing 3-in-1 store that will help benefit our community.

MAPC IRL and Metaverse Events: We will be hosting Metaverse and IRL Events; Including but not limited to, concerts, hangouts, meetups and philanthropy events. The first one will be hosted by The DJ Scheme on March 31st in Columbus.



No aliens revealed until ALL 2000 have been sold!

Total Mint Quantity: Only 2,420 Genesis Aliens will ever exist! (wen breed?)

Pre-sale: Stealth Discord Drop - first come first serve - first 50 MAPC NFTs to be sold on ETH Blockchain. 1 NFT will contain a golden ticket.

Whitelist Drop: 03/20/2022 - each wallet can mint a max of 3 for .03 ETH (each) during whitelist... making it a total of 1550 aliens living on chain at this point.

Whitelist Concert: Celebration on 03/31/2022 in Columbus at the Dahlia Nightclub hosted by DJ Scheme! Craft a hype video for advertising of general sales; as well as show our community we mean business when it comes to delivering on our utility!

General Sell: 04/03/2022 - Public sell of all unsold aliens for .04 ETH (each). Making a total of 2000 MAPC living on chain. Reveal aliens.

Let's make a better tomorrow, ?????. ??????. ???


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