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Mallconomy´s MallCards – Genesis NFT Mint

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Deyner López Fernández


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Drop Date: May 1, 2023Collection Size: 5,750Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Ethereum



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Project Description

Mallconomy aims to revolutionize the way we shop in the Metaverse. With our unique digital marketplace, users can easily sell and promote cross-chain NFTs, earning a commission for each sale. Our platform is accessible to everyone, making it easy for BRANDS, CREATORS, WORKERS, and OWNERS to take part in the growing NFT and Web3 space. 

We are the future of Decentralised e-Commerce powered by a Decentralized Society ("DeSoc")!

About the Collection:

Our Genesis NFT Collection (MallCards) are unique identifiers that give the owners a Mallconomy Partner status. Just as any partnerships, Mallconomy Partners benefit from revenue sharing, passive income, brand rewards, store sale priorities & future launchpad sales. There are 3 types of MallCards: Silver, Gold and Diamond, each one with its own set of superpowers and perks.

Silver MallCards are the entry point to our whole awesome ecosystem.
Gold MallCards (5000 total supply) and Diamond MallCards (750 total supply) are the superior set of our most awaited Genesis NFT launch. 

Depending on the type of MallCard holders have, these are some of the perks they will be enjoying shortly: Quartely Profit Payout (dividends), $WOOT Token Airdrop, $WOOT Token Pre-Sale Allocation, Land Airdrop, MallPoints Gift, Launchpad Pre-Sale Allocations, Mallconomy Voting Rights, Weekly LootBox Airdrop and MORE!!!!

Mallconomy’s Premium NFT Collection is set to launch on May 1st, 2023. Up to 90% Community Sales discount is coming to our dedicated community members, all built and ready to go with the NFT Drop, along with a super powerful NFT Holder dashboard, where holders will be able to withdraw earnings.

Hold a MallCard and get access to an incredible world full of surprises where you will be your own boss and enjoy a nice passive income powered by Mallconomy´s Metaverse!


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