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Lust of Power

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Drop Date: March 31, 2022Collection Size: 816Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



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Project Description

Collection Lust of Power

Power, control and possession.

Lust of Power is revolutionizing the Polygon blockchain by instituting the dream of being the master of the world!

Will you be the most powerful of all?

What is Lust Of Power ?

A collection of 816 NFTs based on the Polygon blockchain.

3 categories of rarity, each with 2 sub-categories of rarity.

The rarer the token the more your thirst for power is satisfied, indeed rarity shows your power and the number of possession shows the extent of your control.

One goal is to be the most powerful in the world.

Introduction of the ROADMAP

Our token allows you to gain a sense of power and control, while creating a hierarchical system based on NFT, where everyone could give up their place to anyone who wants to become more powerful. Lust Of Power was created out of a love for power, the virtual power that NFT technology and its intellectual property allows.


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