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Project Key Datapoints

Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

Mint Date: Presale Starts - 14 August 2023

About Pirates of Luckysea NFT -

Mint Price: TBA
Supply: TBA
Mint Date: Presale Starts - 11 August 2023

Pirates of LuckySea NFT:

As a holder of the Pirate’s of Luckysea NFT, you will have the following amazing holder benefits -
✅ Be part of our Holders team and earn 30% of project GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) every month *details below
✅ Weekly Free Chest Openings
✅ Points Multiplier and increased rakeback in the Reward System
✅ Guaranteed Tickets for the Giveaways at the End of Each Month
✅ Right to Vote on Certain Issues Needing Community Resolution
✅ An OG Role for all of our Future Giveaways
✅ Get real rewards now with Plunder to Earn campaign by completing daily quests for your piece of $25 000 rewards pool!
✅ Sign up and be part of The Luckysea Treasure Hunt of Participating Projects and get free $SPINs to win their NFTs. Launching on 11 August 2023 -

How do holders earn 30% of Luckysea GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) ?
🏆 To be eligible, holders must complete a minimum number of team quests each month.
🏆 Profit distribution will take place monthly, allocating a portion to all holders who have fulfilled the required tasks.
🏆 Revenue pool distribution will be allocated proportionally based on the number of NFTs held by each user, as well as for those who complete more quests than the minimum required.


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