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Leonardo Project

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Drop Date: January 14, 2023Collection Size: 9,999Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



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Project Description

Leonardo is the first Italian Restaurant and NFT Art Gallery in Bangkok.

Leonardo will organize numerous physical and virtual events. It will be a meeting place for collectors and will put them in direct contact with the artists. All of this will be accompanied by fantastic Italian cuisine.

Access is reserved for holders of the Leonardo Pass.

Our goal is to create an exclusive community of pictorial and virtual art enthusiasts, through events and international collaborations.

Leonardo Pass will guarantee the holder many advantages, it can also be rented and will entitle the holder to receive part of the company’s earnings.

Leonardo project was born from the dream of its founders, Parida Thetkunchorn and Patrizio Stefani, to export italian culinary and artistic excellence to Bangkok. From the initial intention of opening a luxury restaurant, then stopped by the pandemic and subsequently by a serious illness of the founder Parida, an exclusive collaboration begins with Master Stefano Solimani to reproduce his pictorial works in the form of Non Fungible Token (NFT). Hence the idea of creating something totally new that would give new hope to Parida: LEONARDO, no longer just a restaurant, but also a physical and virtual art gallery dedicated to the artist, accessible only through exclusive NFT membership generated by two artworks that the Master created especially for us.


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