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Legend Of IBEN

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Legend of Iben


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: April 11, 2022Collection Size: 2,420Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

The IBEN civilization lived in a supposed state of prosperity and peace. The Ibenians were on the verge of reaching other planets and solar systems, even researching terraforming. During a test setup, which should evaluate the stability of the terraforming process, an all-changing accident occurs. The few survivors are left with the remains of their civilization. After decades of strife and struggle, 3 factions have emerged on the planet.

The Legend of Iben will serve as story world and background story for an eSports-platform in development. The Avatars will serve a design masterpieces which can be integrated to the individuals player background and will come with a little gift-box when linked to the platform when available. More rare, which inherit less common traits, will also give discounts for service or even other advantages we can integrate to the further platform.


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