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Klub Kartell – Voice Of Rebellion In Dub

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Klub Kartell


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"Voice of Rebellion Dub" is the dub version of the original composition by Paco Mendoza and Klub Kartell, featuring the remarkable vocal talents of Mal Élevé, Don Caramelo, and Sophie.

Guido Craveiro, a master in the realms of mixing and production, once again demonstrates his unparalleled expertise in crafting original and innovative dub interpretations of Reggae music. In this rendition, the song unfurls with new layers, allowing listeners to soar into its soundscape, all the while preserving and amplifying its profound message:

The song boldly critiques the emerging attitudes of Western nations towards immigrants. Mere contemplation of erecting visible or unseen barriers to isolate peaceful individuals in pursuit of aid stands as a significant misjudgment. "Voice of Rebellion" serves as a rallying call, compelling us to take a stance against such injustices. In a democratic setting that neglects the fundamental tenets of human rights, protest becomes an imperative course of action. The moment has arrived to raise our collective "Voice of Rebellion" and effect meaningful change.

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Cover Art by José Alves do Rio

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