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Klub Kartell, Lengualerta & Tóke – Vibes Don’t Lie

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Klub Kartell


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Klub Kartell, Lengualerta & Tóke present Vibes Don't Lie, the second single release from the album One & For All.

In their track Vibes Don't Lie, Klub Kartell bring together Mexican singer and activist Lengualerta with Tóke, one of the most exciting newcomers in Germany, on a driving riddim with powerful bassline. The song encourages listeners to trust their inner voice and instincts and to seek positive vibes in life instead of superficial signals. Klub Kartell, Lengualerta and Tóke have created a perfect combination of introspective, emotional, and authentic representation of human relationships, combined with a pulsating rhythm and catchy melodies, that inspires both dancing and reflection.

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Cover Art by José Alves do Rio

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