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KlingMetaverse NFTCharm Match2Earn 4X-10X instantly

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Drop Date: July 12, 2022Collection Size: 1,000Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Binance Smart Chain



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Match2Earn with Kling's NFTCharm. The price of the average NFT is determined by market speculation and face value. NFTcharm seeks to change this by providing the market with an objectively valued NFT, driven by one-of-a-kind scratch card based Play-to-Earn NFT game. Our protocol is simple: “Match and Earn”. The game is a easy-To-play arcade game. You can mint these NFT’s at a low premium, and the payouts are too good to be true. Let’s get into the specifics -

Mint price - 20000 KLING (~$10)

If a user matches a Single attribute - 80000 KLing
If a user matches a Double attribute - 200000 KLing

When the match is successful, the NFT gets burned and the user receives the payout!

Now, what if you don't match?
The NFT remains with the user if there is no match. The unmatched NFT can be staked to get the premium back.

Kling’s vision is create a No-Loss ecosystem.


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