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Intergalactic Beastiary

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Drop Date: March 28, 2023Collection Size: 500Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Cardano



Project Description

We are excited to announce that the launch of our game, "Battle for Intergalactic Treasury," will take place on CIP 68 smart contract and revolutionize the use of Cardano NFT. This upgrade will allow NFT projects to utilize their own native tokens or charge ADA for users to upgrade their NFTs, giving users the opportunity to gain higher levels/status within the community through active participation. The first round of our game will consist of 500 NFTs, which will feature the BABY version of the "Intergalactic Beastiary" characters divided into 20 echelons. Each echelon will have its own Discord channel, accessible only to holders of the appropriate echelon. The best part is that you can join multiple echelons for a higher chance of winning. The game begins at the start of the minting process, and the rules are simple. The echelon with the highest aftermarket volume in a two-week period will receive 100% of the royalties split between them. After two weeks, we will announce the second round, where you will be able to upgrade your BABY (Level 1) IB to ADULT (Level 2) versions. After another two weeks, you can upgrade again to MATURE (Level 3) versions. After the three rounds, we will decide how to proceed based on community feedback. We will conduct a voting system where only pass holders can participate, deciding whether to continue the game with new themes and art or move on to something else trendy.


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