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Illuminati Owls

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Drop Date: June 23, 2022Collection Size: 6,333Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Illuminati Owls is a limited edition collection of 6,333 avatar NFTs coming to Ethereum blockchain. Your Owl doubles as a VIP membership card which grants access
to publicly hidden areas such as the Owl Nest, Owlpha Chat, Poker Club and more.

Explore the Illuminati hierarchy of 6 different Owl types, each with their own backstory and secrets to discover.

Owl Nest- Your Owl gives you access to the Owl Nest; a page that displays your Owl collection, storyline for each Owl Type you own, and official Illuminati Rank. The Owl Nest will be updated and upgraded according to community feedback.

Conspiracy Theory- Solve the Illuminati Owls' conspiracy by reading the storylines for clues. Uncover the "secret owl" and win up to $10,000

Diamond in the Rough - Mint the one and only Diamond in the Rough and win 10 Eth. Mint 1 of 10 Hidden Gems and win 1 Eth.

Poker Club - Compete in our multichain poker club. Win a $12,500 package to the WSOP Main Event in our Main Event Mint Out Satellite. Play weekly tournaments for dope NFTs, ETH, and leaderboard points. Free entry to all tournaments for Owl holders.

Owl of Fortune - 3 owls will be drawn each week and the owners of those owls will spin the Owl of Fortune Wheel. Win anywhere from $100 - $10,000.

Owlpha Chat - Share wisdom, knowledge, and alpha in an exclusive Illuminati Owl holder chat.

This set is intended for digital collectors and enthusiasts alike. The value of
each owl shall be determined on the open market. Please purchase responsibly.


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