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Holdem Rollers

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: April 30, 2022Collection Size: 6,666Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Holdem Rollers is a collection of 6666 NFT's based on dice and cards on Ethereum. Holders can participate in lucky draws & poker tournaments for a chance to be airdropped ETH!

Stage 1 will drop 500 NFT's on the 30th of April at 2PM UTC.

VIP Whitelist members will be able to mint at 0.03 ETH. Check out our discord for details on how to get onto the WL (not difficult).

After Stage 1 is sold out, there will be lucky draws and poker tournaments for holders held through the Holdem Rollers discord server. Check out for more details!

Holdem Rollers will be airdropping 30 ETH back to holders in the following ways so be sure to hold them rollers!

Up to 15 ETH will be airdropped to holders via Holdem Rollers Lucky Draws where we will randomly roll 5 dice and draw 2 cards. If your Holdem Rollers NFT matches the dice rolled or the cards drawn, you will win a portion of the ETH allocated for that draw, which will be distributed evenly amongst all holders with the same dice roll or card hand. If both the dice and the cards on your NFT exactly match the dice rolled and the cards drawn for that draw, you've hit the jackpot and you will win an additional 1 ETH on top of the evenly distributed allocated amount for the draw. There will be many draws happening throughout the different drop stages.

From the 6666 total supply, 6 NFT's have a five of a kind dice roll. These NFT's are spread out amongst the total supply so that at each drop stage, at least 1 is guaranteed to be minted. If you're lucky enough to mint one of these Holdem Rollers that contain a Five of a Kind roll, you will be airdropped 1 ETH.

Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments will be run through our Discord. A total of 9 ETH will be airdropped to winners.

Let's Get Rollin!


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