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Fooly Fish

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Fooly Fish


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: January 13, 2022Marketplace: MakersPlaceBlockchain: Chronos



Project Description

Into the bizarre underwater world

Based on Cronos Chain - FoolyFish is a collection of 3,333 weirdo fish that come with diverse generated parts. Every FoolyFish own their unique traits, styles, and environments.


Each FoolyFish NFT has its different traits, styles, and tanks. Every single Fish is very unique and it’s easy to separate each one from the others, So every part and trait rarities will be at the same %. This includes those lively background tanks. 

Let’s have your own FoolyFish

Give yourself FoolyFish and enjoy your own underwater world.

Be a part of FoolyFish family and get a seat in NFT community on Cronos Chain!


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