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Drop Date: April 8, 2023Collection Size: 1,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Meet Flip, the NFT flipper! You might think his name is just a coincidence, but this guy lives for flipping. He's a pro when it comes to buying low and selling high, making bank on the daily with his epic flipping skills.
But flipping can be tough. Even for seasoned vets like Flip. He learned that being a "diamond hand" caused him to lose out on potential profits, so he ditched that approach and started playing things smarter.

That's when an awesome idea struck him like lightning - Flip was going to create the ultimate NFT collection for his fellow flippers. A collection so unique, diverse, and creative that it would be a goldmine for all involved.

hey.. listen to me, Mint some, sell some for profit, cause you flip and I understand that, but keep one, youre gonna need that one to be a part of this.


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